Friday, May 1, 2020

The Blood Brothers: Capitalism & Communism

Capitalism and communism are not antithetical doctrines—they are blood brothers. Both were born in the heart of the western civilization, in the years following the American and the French Revolutions of the eighteenth century. Since their birth, the two blood brothers have coexisted. They have marched hand in hand and transformed the culture and politics of several nations. 

There has never been a capitalist nation that is not rocked by communist movements, and there has never been a communist nation where a section of the population is not rooting for capitalism. All democratic governments are a compromise between capitalist and communist tendencies. The rise of capitalism is linked to the Industrial Revolution. The rise of communism is an outcome of the intellectual work and political activism of Marx and Engels, and their followers. 

Since the eighteenth century, the regulatory system in most nations has kept pace with industrialization. When the first industrialist was building his industry, the first bureaucrat was writing his regulations, and the first communist was arousing the working class.

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