Sunday, April 12, 2020

On The Tamed Man’s Great Victory

Capitalism created unprecedented prosperity, but this prosperity had an unexpected consequence: it tamed man. The tamed man has no passion for original thinking and adventure; like a dog, he wants to be put on a leash and fed regularly; he wants to fulfill his every need, every whim, every fancy by the click of the computer mouse and the tap of the mobile app; he abhors capitalism which demands personal responsibility and is constantly doing battle with it. But the tamed man is now victorious; he has killed capitalism. The death of capitalism is a positive for man; it has destroyed the prosperity and the crippling mouse-app culture; the world of brick and mortar is back, and man’s tameness has become unviable; henceforth, man, if he wants to survive, must make a desperate struggle in the real world.

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