Thursday, April 2, 2020

On God and Rationality

When the atheists say that belief in god is irrational, they are themselves guilty of making an irrational statement. Between 2300 and 3500 years ago, mankind developed the notion that god is the prime mover or the ultimate creator of the universe, and to this day, this notion of god continues to motivate the theistic mind; but if god is the ultimate creator, then he is the creator of all the laws of the universe—this means that whatever god does is rational; he is what it means to be rational; he can, if he desires, rewrite all the laws of science and mathematics and these new laws would automatically become the new rational and the structure of the universe would transform so that everything accords with the new laws. Since god is the fountainhead of rationality, a belief in god can never be irrational. I can understand an outright denial of god and an outright disbelief in god, but the notion that a belief in god is irrational makes no sense.

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