Monday, November 4, 2019

Modern Atheism: The Lure of Manmade Heaven

The concept of “heaven” plays a vital role in modern atheism; all modern atheistic movements have enticed followers by promising them a shortcut to a manmade heaven: the jacobins (during the French Revolution) promised to turn their country into a heaven of reason and science where there would be total equality and all would prosper; Auguste Comte’s positivists promised a heaven of altruism and humanism; Lenin and his communist revolutionaries promised the Russians that they would bring salvation to all (except the bourgeoise and the kulaks) by creating a heavenly dictatorship of the proletariat; the nazis promised to create a heaven by deploying the principles of scientific racism; the logical positivists declared that linguistic concepts of god and belief in god are meaningless, but they promised a heaven through reliance on empirical knowledge; Ayn Rand enchanted her tiny flock of objectivists by creating a godlike character called John Galt (in her novel Atlas Shrugged) who would lead the chosen ones to a “rational” heaven called Galt’s Gulch; the libertarians believe that liberty and free-markets are attractive to all people and the world is destined to become a libertarian heaven; the liberals promise to create a heaven on earth by crushing capitalism and imposing a socialistic welfare model on society.

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