Sunday, February 18, 2024

Conservatives versus leftists: Why does leftism have the upper hand?

The idea that the conservatives will save the world from Marxism, socialism, communism, nihilism and religious fundamentalism is wholly ignorant and naive. The principle of conservatism is to conserve the traditions. If the tradition is Marxist, socialist, communist, nihilist and religious fundamentalist, then that is what the conservatives will conserve. 

The conservatives cannot protect culture because they lack ideas and vision to differentiate between culture and counterculture. All conservative movements are plagued with intense divisions about which traditions they should conserve: Should they conserve the traditions of 2000 years ago or the traditions that existed 500 or 100 or 20 years ago? 

In most democratic nations, the conservative leaders are easily tricked by the leftist intellectuals into accepting the elements of counterculture as their traditions which must be saved. In any political battle between leftism and conservatism, the left will always win in the long run because the conservatives will end up fighting to save counterculture.

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