Saturday, February 24, 2024

What do the liberals fear? What do the liberals like?

Liberals fear two things—first, the influence of the religious and cultural elites; second, a popular uprising which might empower the poor and middle classes. 

The sections of society with which the liberals are very comfortable are the intellectuals, the oligarchs and the Deep State. The intellectuals are primarily the leaders of the big universities, mainstream media companies, entertainment and sports industry, the artistic establishment and the progressive think tanks. The top bankers, industrialists and tycoons are the oligarchs. The Deep State consists of the bureaucracy, judiciary and the military establishment.

When the liberals capture power, they focus on denigrating and weakening the religious and cultural elites. They indoctrinate, brainwash and divide the poor and the middle classes to make it impossible for them to unite to fight for their political and economic rights. The liberals also take steps to increase the power and wealth of the intellectuals, oligarchs and the Deep State.

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