Monday, November 21, 2022

The Conspiracy for One-World Government

Between 1920 and 1991, the Western ideologues were a divided lot. Some of them wanted to create a one-world government under the banner of capitalism; others wanted to create a one-world government under the banner of communism. 

After the fall of the Soviet Union, in 1991, America and Western Europe became the drivers of both capitalism and communism. Now there was no conflict between the two ideologies—both became the ideological tools for perpetuating Western hegemony in every part of the world. Since 1991, Western ideologues have been trying to create a one-world government by combining communism and capitalism under a Western tent. 

If you believe that capitalism stands for freedom and prosperity, and communism stands for equality and fraternity, then you are brainwashed by the propaganda of Western ideologues. Both ideologies are remarkably evil and totalitarian.


thombrogan said...

Dear Dr. Verma,

What would you propose as an alternative to the siren song of capitalism and the out-of-grasp freed markets?

Anoop Verma said...

@thombrogan: The question is--why do we think that there should be an alternative to capitalism? We don't need an alternative to capitalism. Humanity has thrived without all these "isms" for tens of thousand of years. Every country can have its own system based on its cultural,georaphical, and historical conditions. The moment you think of a world which is ruled by capitalism or communism, you create distortions in the natural systems of humanity.

thombrogan said...

Thank you for your reply, Dr. Verma.

I had; and do; believe laissez-faire capitalism means freedom and prosperity, but I’ve read so much Libertarian and Objectivist praises of such a practice that I took your criticism to heart and assume I’m missing something or am “brainwashed” as you’ve put it.

Is your point that existing nations do not need their current regimes and cultures overthrown and replaced with alien cultures and political systems to participate in global trading?

Anoop Verma said...

@thombrogan: Libertarianism and objectivism are ideologies created by "full time" academics, philosophers, fiction writers who had limited knowledge of history and were out of touch with reality. There is simply no proof that libertarianism and objectivism can lead to the creation of a free market society.

America was not created by objectivists. The conquistadors, the colonists, the imperialists, the slavers, the puritans, the settlers who first tamed America (from the 15th century to the 18th) were not objectivists or libertarians. Even Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Hamilton, and other founders were not objectivists or libertarians.

The world is far more complicated than what the "simplistic" theories of the objectivists and the libertarians.

I am not saying that that the existing regimes do not deserve to be overthrown. I am saying that "capitalism" is not the messiah that will lead to a better world. Capitalism is a "false dawn," just as communism was. Both capitalism and communism are failures. I would highly recommend the book by Prof. John Gray: False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism.

Gray, by the way, is a staunch anticommunist and he often speaks in libertarian events.