Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Clash of Three Civilizations & the Wildcard

The three civilizations competing for global domination are: Western Supremacism, Islamic fundamentalism, and Chinese Confucianism. These civilizations claim that it is their manifest destiny to dominate the world. The Western Supremacists and Chinese Confucianists claim that only they can bring peace and prosperity; the Islamic fundamentalists claim that since they are God’s authorized representatives on earth, and all other religions are fake, they have the right to rule. 

The West has had its teeth knocked out in the last 15 years—now it is unwilling to confront Islam and China. Over time, the West will continue to decline, Islam and China will become stronger and bolder. India is the geopolitical wildcard. This country has strong economic and cultural links with the three civilizations—West, China, and Islam—but it is also aspires to be a “vishwaguru” (a global spiritual power). With its huge population, and significant economic and military power, India is capable of thwarting the geopolitical designs of all three civilizations.

The three dominant civilizations want to use India as an ally against the other two. Most Hindus of India are wary of all three—they want their country to find its own way.

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