Saturday, November 27, 2021

The West’s Totalitarian Mission to Promote Capitalism

Why did the capitalist mission (led by America and Britain) to build a democratic and free market utopia in central South America, the Middle East, and Africa fail? 

It failed because the mission was totalitarian—it was a brainchild of the Western political establishment. This establishment calls itself capitalist. They claim that they want to create a democratic and free market paradise. But what they are really after is total control. Their agenda is to create a global geopolitical order which perpetuates Western hegemony. 

The capitalist governments are as totalitarian (especially in the area of foreign policy) as the communist governments.

The masses in capitalist countries are brainwashed by academia and the 24/7 media—they are ignorant, naive, divided, and lacking in political skills. They are incapable of taking united action to force their government to change its foreign policy. The capitalist academia and media are part of the political establishment. They endeavor to keep the attention of the masses focused on irrelevant issues. The important issues are never analyzed and debated. 

The political weakness of the masses, gives the capitalist governments a complete monopoly on power. They have the absolute power to commit all kinds of atrocities anywhere in the world. The irony is that the erstwhile Soviet Union’s foreign policy was more transparent and non-violent than the foreign policy of the so-called bastions of democracy and capitalism, the USA and Britain.

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