Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Movie Prometheus

My favorite science fiction movie is Prometheus (2012), which is based on the theme of conflict between the creators (the Gods) and the created (the Humans). God-like beings (people from an advanced alien planet) arrive on earth. One of the Gods destroys his body and releases his DNA in earth’s waters. The process of evolution kick-started by this Godly DNA would eventually lead to the creation of intelligent life: human beings. 

The realization dawns on the Gods that the humans might evolve into their competitors. So they decide to wipe out the human race. The conflict between the Gods and humans happens on an alien planet where a team of humans has arrived in a spaceship called Prometheus. Their mission is to find the Gods and ask them the crucial question: "Why did they create the humans?" Only one God was still alive on the planet, when he awakens from his slumber, he reveals the answer to the crucial question: “The Gods created humans merely because they could." The horrifying implication of this answer was that the Gods were now going to destroy humanity “merely because they could.” There was no higher goal. The creation of humanity was a mistake, and the destruction of humanity was an attempt to correct the initial mistake.

When the crew of the Prometheus learn that the God was intending to wipe out humanity, they crash their spaceship into his spaceship to stop him from reaching earth. Two members of the crew survive: the female protagonist Elizabeth Shaw, and the very advanced humanoid robot David. The spaceship of the God is destroyed; this ensures that he cannot go to earth to carry out the plan for destroying humanity. But he survived the collusion between the two spaceships. He comes after Shaw to kill her. She manages to get him to fight a monster that was earlier born from her womb. The monster devours the God and mutates into another monster: the Alien.

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