Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Movie Prometheus

My favorite science fiction movie is Prometheus (2012). The central theme in this movie concerns the conflict between the creators (the Gods) and the created (the Humans). Some God-like beings (people from an advanced alien planet) arrive on earth and create human beings. But the Gods soon realize that the humans might become a competitor to them and they try to wipe out the human race. The conflict between the Gods and humans happens on an alien planet where a team of humans has arrived in a spaceship called Prometheus. Their mission is to find the Gods and ask them the crucial question: "Why did they create the humans?" The disheartening answer to this question is: "They created us merely because they could." There was no higher goal. The creation of humanity was a mistake. The crew of the Prometheus pays a heavy price for their attempt to communicate with the Gods. The one surviving God on the alien planet evolves into a demon.

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