Thursday, July 29, 2021

Decline of the West: Rise of the Nomads

History tells us that in the contests between nomadic people and sedentary civilizations, the nomadic people generally prevail. The rise of the electronic industry, software industry, and the Internet has transformed the character of the Western nations—they are now a very sedentary civilization. 

There has never been a civilization as sedentary as today’s Western nations. In the last two years, they have taken their sedentariness to a new level—in the name of saving themselves from a pandemic, they have locked down a vast section of their economy and culture. They prefer to work from the “safety” of their home or office (indoors). They think that “staying indoors means staying safe”—but this notion is not true. The nations in which people stay indoors (and within the borders of their nation) get conquered by aggressive and adventurous nomads.  

The sedentary people are incapable of defending their nation. They are incapable of taking offensive action against their nation’s enemies. They are incapable of innovating and taking advantage of new geopolitical and technological opportunities. They often get mired in highly destructive civil wars. In a few years most of these sedentary Western nations will be captured by the people who are of the nomadic mindset.

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