Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Who Wins the Political and Cultural Battles?

From the history of the political and cultural battles in the last 2500 years we learn that when there is a contest between polytheists and monotheists, it is the monotheists who generally prevail. When there is a contest between land-based great powers and naval great powers, it is the naval great powers that generally prevail. In the twentieth century, two new kinds of powers have started winning the political and cultural battles: these are the atheistic regimes (utopian and nihilist) and the regimes which dominate the sky through their missiles, planes, and satellites. In the twenty-first century, another power player has made its debut: these are the cyber powers which exercise control by weaponizing the flow of information. Of course, there is no way of clearly demarcating the different kinds of powers that I have mentioned.

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