Saturday, August 15, 2020

Religious Movements Versus Ideological Movements

The religious movements are more influential and long-lasting than the ideological movements. The appeal of the ideological movements never extends beyond the intellectual and political circles in one or two nations, and they become obsolete within a generation. But the religious movements like Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and others have survived for several millennia—they have had a massive impact on the culture and politics of not only the nation where they were founded but in many other nations.

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Anonymous said...

Philosophy as a discipline has withered to pop-culture irrelevance. Western cultural ideas have been driven by paradigm changing scientific innovation. Newton created the 18th century --and the modern world. Darwin changed the culture. Einstein gave us the cultural cancer of pervasive relativity, of which postmodernism is the product.

With each century since Newton, the church has contributed less. With each scientific revolution the church's explanatory power has eroded. Further, for 1,500 years the churches influence derived from its support of the political power. That is gone in Europe, and is almost gone in the USA.

Also, not sure identifying "Christianity" over the centuries as one thing makes any more sense than saying that today people in Mexico City speak Latin. Modern Mexican Spanish is not Latin. Modern Christianity" is not the religion Constantine converted to.