Sunday, February 16, 2020

On The Collectivist Character Of Individualism

Every individualist is an ex-collectivist. To become an individualist a man must cease to be a collectivist, but to cease to be a collectivist, he must have been a collectivist. Individualism may seem antithetical to collectivism, but both have a symbiotic relationship—individualism can arise only in societies where collectivism exists. But once the individualists attain self-realization, they join other individualists to create close-knit communities. Hence, the future, and not just the past, of individualism is collectivism. The journey of the individualists begins with collectivism and ends with collectivism.

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Ajit R. Jadhav said...

Yeah, man, yeah!

There are too many people on earth, that's what you are saying, right?

Yeah man, I agree with you!

[And what is best, they don't even understand math.]