Wednesday, December 4, 2019

On Hegel’s God

It's not clear if Hegel was a theist, pantheist, or an atheist. His philosophy does not put god and religion on a pedestal. There are, however, several elements in Hegel’s thought which indicate that he had a religious bent of mind. But if Hegel believed in a god, then that god is not a perfect being like the god of the religions. His god is an entity that seeks perfection in the universe that he has himself created. His god is eternal and immutable. His god needs to manifest himself in the universe in order to perfect himself and the world. Only by perfecting the world can the god perfect himself. History, therefore, is a project for god’s self-perfection. This is a powerful vision of god who is an active participant in history that we find in Hegel’s philosophy. Hegel's view that the movement of history is linked to god’s quest for perfection has been a major influence on revolutionary thinkers.

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