Wednesday, January 29, 2020

On The Normality Of Contradictions

The contradictions between “fact and value”, “is and ought”, “reason and emotion”, “thought and action”, and “judgement and commitment” can never be perfectly resolved. The self-intoxicated philosophers, who preach that man must achieve unity between these things, have an incorrect view of mankind—they seem to believe that people possess a superhuman capacity for adhering to abstract moral principles.

The pursuit of unity is futile because people don’t possess superhuman capacities; our mind is a welter of contradictions which make it impossible for us to achieve ideal moral goals. When life pushes us into situations where our general moral principles come into conflict with our particular problems, our focus is on first of all solving our particular problems. There is nothing wrong in having contradictions in the mind because this is mankind’s natural state.

There has never been a genius whose mind is not rife with contradictions, and there has never been a philosophy that doesn’t lead to contradictory conclusions.

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