Sunday, December 24, 2023

To be successful a nation needs friends—to be very successful it needs enemies

“To be successful you need friends and to be very successful you need enemies.” ~ Sidney Sheldon, The Other Side of Midnight

This line by Sidney Sheldon applies to nations too. To be very successful a nation needs powerful enemies. History tells us that the citizens of nations, which lack powerful enemies, become complacent, intellectually deficient and morally corrupt. They get deluded into believing that peace will last forever and that they will never have to fight wars to defend their life, property and nationhood. They lose their sense of culture, and slip into nihilism and wokism. They take the world for granted, and fail to take note of emerging geopolitical challenges until it is too late.

The most successful nations in history were those which fought lengthy and brutal wars against powerful enemies. Nietzsche was right when he said, “What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger..” Nations become stronger when they defend their country from powerful enemies. A nation without powerful enemies is doomed.

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