Sunday, December 31, 2023

On Reforming the Hindu Personal Law

You can’t prosper and you can’t protect your life, your property and your society if you don’t know what your Dharma (religion, culture and history) is. 

The Hindu personal law is in need of reform. A major part of what is known as the Hindu personal law is not based on Hindu Dharma or the ancient Hindu texts—it is influenced by the British (Colonial) perception of Hindu theology, philosophy and society. 

In the last fifty years, Hindu personal law has moved further away from Dharma because of the influence of Western ideas. 

Instead of bringing people close to Dharma and strengthening the country, the Hindu personal law is enfeebling the country by driving people towards the worst ideas of Western countries: wokism, progressivism, Marxism and multiculturalism. 

There are much bigger problems in the personal laws of other religious groups in India. It would be better if personal laws of all religious groups were discarded and a Uniform Civil Code was strictly applied on the entire country.

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