Friday, March 12, 2021

The Consequence of Totalitarian Social Hypocrisy

We live in the age of totalitarian social hypocrisy. The masses are coerced to practice certain virtues, but those who preach these virtues do not practice them, although they venerate the virtues in their speech. This totalitarian social hypocrisy has an unexpected consequence: nihilism. When the masses have absorbed the virtues, which they do not understand and find absurd, they lose faith in the possibility of having a virtuous life—and then there is a decline in their moral and intellectual standards and they become nihilistic. There is a way of countering the problem of totalitarian social hypocrisy: totalitarian response from the other side. Fight totalitarianism with totalitarianism. A totalitarian political action (by a traditionalist political force) has to be mustered to uproot the regime of totalitarian social hypocrisy. The hypocritical elites must be destroyed, and a crop of new elites must be created.

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