Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Decline of the Middle Class

The people in the democratic nations can be divided into three classes: the rich, the poor, and the middle class. The three classes are locked in a struggle for political dominance and each class uses a different method to advance its political interests. The rich class advances its political interests by funding and bribing the politicians and bureaucrats. The poor class consists of the rabble; they use violent and nonviolent protests to advance their political interests. 

The middle class does not have the financial muscle that the rich class possesses, so they cannot engage in funding, bribing, and lobbying; since most of them are farmers, professionals, and small businessmen, they are not interested in organizing protests which will shut down the economy. The only way that the middle class can advance their political interests is by airing their grievances in the mainstream media and by voting in elections. 

If the mainstream media and the electoral process are corrupt and incompetent, the middle class has no way of making itself politically relevant. They become powerless, and the nation becomes a slave of the politicians who are owned by the corrupt rich and the ignorant poor.

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