Friday, September 10, 2021

The Myth of “Classical”

The word “classical” is probably the most abused word in philosophy and history. This word is the favorite tool for the pseudo-historians and propagandist-philosophers who are convinced that they can influence the politics and culture of the present by promoting certain empires and movements of the past as the outstanding achievements of humanity. Their method is to first append the word “classical” to the name of an empire or movement and then proclaim that this empire or movement is exceptional because it is classical. The word “classical” is supposed to offer a demigod kind of status to anything to which it gets appended.

The name “Classical Greece” is often flung around by the pseudo-historians and propagandist-philosophers as the exemplar of a perfect society from which all societies in our time ought to seek an inspiration (even though Ancient Greece was extremely unstable, economically backward, feudalistic, brutishly patriarchal, and mired in slavery and warfare). There is “Classical Athens” which is presented as the fountainhead of the world's rational philosophies (even though Athens was the biggest cause of senseless wars, enslavements, and massacres in Ancient Europe). There is “Classical Liberalism” which is supposed to be the ultimate method of creating a free society (even though in every country where the classical liberals have gained influence has fallen prey to nihilism, socialism, communism, nazism, and fascism). Classical music is the kind of music (noise) that people will often praise in public though they might not want to hear it in private.

There are several other instances where the word “classical” has been abused for propaganda purposes. Beware of this fraudulent word. Distrust any empire or movement which is labelled “classical.” If you become awed by the word “classical,” then you will be mentally enslaved.

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