Thursday, September 2, 2021

On Hulk’s America

What has America done to promote liberty in the last 100 years? What has it done to promote democracy and free markets? What has it done to promote human rights? America might have practiced these values in a limited measure within its own borders but it is not the fountainhead of these values and it is not fit to be the propagator of these values. In the last 100 years, the Americans have performed the role of the crusaders who have no sense of values, no sense of history, no knowledge of political and cultural systems, no capacity to identify the real adversary, who are angry without knowing why they are angry, and who use military might to cause damage to their own side.

The bombastic claim of the American chauvinists that America is the “world’s only indispensable nation” is nonsense. All nations are man made entities and nothing that men make can ever be indispensable. The Americans think too highly of themselves—which is a clear proof of their insecurity, immaturity, and ignorance. Their egocentric view of their country has made the Americans incapable of developing an effective foreign policy. If you start with the presumption that you are God’s chosen crusader of liberty, free markets, and human rights, and that it is your prerogative to lead humanity to the promised land, then you will create disaster after disaster. Instead of leading your people to the promised land, you will lead them to hell.

The First and Second World Wars were European wars. America probably did its European allies a favor by wading into these two wars, but it did no favor to the nations in other continents. The non-European nations had negligible stake in these wars. Fascism, Nazism, Communism—these are European or Western ideologies. The fight over these ideologies was a wholly European fight. The Europeans view themselves as the masters of this planet—that is why they named their internal civil wars as “World Wars.” The truthful name of these two wars would be: Western War I and Western War II.

The Americans claim that they saved the world from the Soviet Union. Which countries did they save? Which people needed their savings? The Soviet Union did not have the power to conquer the world. They were always a financially bankrupt empire. They were always mired in food shortages, corruption, and domestic political violence. Most countries—barring the effete, utopian, and pampered elites of Europe—were capable of countering the Soviet Union. The non-European countries didn’t need American power to defend themselves. Due to their highly publicized summits with the Soviet elite, the Americans enhanced the reputation of the Soviet Union and enabled it to dominate world politics for 80 years.

Afghanistan would have thrown the Soviets out on its own without any American assistance. In fact, the Americans ruined Afghanistan by engineering a transfer of power to the theocrats. Whenever the Americans have tried to save a country from the Soviet Union’s communism, they have created a political quagmire that has lasted for decades. The disasters in Vietnam, Korean Peninsula, and Cambodia were “Made in Washington” disasters. The tribalistic politics that has developed in Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal is a “Made in Washington” disaster. Religious fundamentalism would not have become such a big problem if the Americans had not promoted it with the aim of taking control of the petroleum reserves in the Middle East.

For getting cheap petroleum, the Americans meddled in the Middle East, and created a series of dictatorships which they thought they could control. For getting hold of cheap TV, fridge, laptop, mobile phones, undergarments, shirts, pants, shoes, they created the industrial economy of fascist China. Now they claim that they are fighting both the dictatorships of the Middle East and fascist China. First the Americans create the problems and then they claim that they are against these problems. When they start fighting the problems, they create even bigger problems.

America has created more global bureaucratic organizations than the Soviet Union ever could: United Nations, World Bank, IMF, World Trade Organization, G8, G20, Paris Climate Agreement, and many other such organizations could not have come into being without American support. Who benefits from these organizations—it is the American political establishment that benefits. The Americans have promoted more apocalyptic theories on which the poor nations are forced to squander their wealth than the Soviet Union ever could: Ice Age, Global Warming, Climate Change, Acid Rain, Ozone layer depletion, and much else. They have promoted the Frankfurt School in their academia. They have distorted the idea of liberty by letting the libertarians, hippies, nihilists, and anarchists run amok with their puerile theory of total freedom.

America loves to brag and virtue signal. America wants to see itself as Superman who saves the world. But this country is not a Superman. It is like Hulk, the cartoon superhero who will break ten things in his futile attempt to save one thing. I can’t think of anything worthwhile that this country has achieved by using its political and military strength.

Most Americans (especially the conservatives) are convinced that the West was fighting for liberty and democracy for the last 2500 years. They have developed this false notion because of their one-sided reading of history. In the name of history of the West, they promote the narrative on some periods and they ignore everything else. Their strategy is to project the good things that have happened in Europe in the last 2500 years as a proof of Western supremacy, and flush down the toilet all information regarding the bad things that have happened in Europe, and in rest of the world due to European lust for other people's land and wealth. To propagate the myth of invincibility of Western armies, they focus exclusively on the wars where the West was victorious and they ignore the wars where the West was trounced.

They ignore the fact that the biggest slave owning civilizations in the world were the Western entities of the past: Ancient Greece, Rome, the American South, the Colonial Caribbean and Brazil. They ignore the cultural devastation that they have caused in South America in the last 500 years. The demography of many regions in South America has been transformed because of the slaves that the Western colonists brought from other continents. The Americans are still meddling in South America—since 1970s, they have been inflicting pain on this continent in the name of war on drugs. America is not a promoter of liberty, democracy, free markets, and human rights. It is as much a foe of these values as the Soviet Union was. America cannot be trusted.

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