Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Mankind’s Collective Destiny: Dystopia of Apes

If there is a collective destiny of mankind, then it is to move in cycle that goes on till infinity. You will not get a clear picture of mankind’s destiny from the last 2500 hundred years. You must go back by 70,000 years. The archaeological evidence of the last 70,000 years tells us that civilization is a rat race. It is an endless pursuit. Every land of the civilized ultimately falls into decay and becomes the land of the uncivilized savages. 

One ethnic group, and then another has transcended the fundamentally “ape-like” human mentality and created a civilization of some kind. In the earliest stages of mankind’s history, the civilized folks lived in cave dwellings and mud structures. In the last 5000 years, a more advanced way of life has evolved. But civilization, whatever be its degree of sophistication, has never lasted. Nature outfoxes the civilized folks and finds new ways of forcing them to discard the civilized mentality and reassert their ape-like character. Once the ape-like nature reasserts itself, the civilization declines and falls—its dominant population transforms into savages.

No ethnic group is special. The ethnic groups that were dominant 70,000 or 10,000 years ago are now beating drums, performing tribal dances, killing each other with stones, wooden clubs, and knives, and herding cattle. The fate of today’s dominant ethnic groups will not be different. In 500 to 2000 years, perhaps earlier than that, instead of clambering on airplanes and space shuttles, the civilized folks will be clambering up and down coconut trees, they will be beating drums, and using flint knives to hunt animals.

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