Saturday, August 28, 2021

Athenian Philosophy: The Philosophy of a Decadent City-State

Ancient Athenian philosophy was the philosophy of an overcrowded city-state where just 25000 people had rights, and the rest were right-less women and slaves—it was not the philosophy of a nation where everyone had rights and it was definitely not meant for an intercontinental empire.

It was the philosophy of liars, rationalizers, braggers, propagandists, and the writers of one-sided accounts of history—it was not the philosophy of the seekers of truth, of the realists, and of those who intended to present a fair picture of cultures other than their own. It was the philosophy of people who thought that only they were the macho men and valiant warriors—who believed that every non-Greek culture was populated with effeminate and cowardly men who didn't know how to fight wars. It was the philosophy of people who were insecure of the female sex—who preferred to keep their women locked in isolation, forced them to wear veil when they had to step out of the house, and denied them the right to participate in politics and inherit property.

It was the philosophy of the losers of history—it was not the philosophy of the winners. The Ancient Greeks could not conquer an inch of land outside their traditional homeland despite the fact that they were extremely brutish people, and were constantly at war on multiple fronts. In the last 2500 years, whichever part of the West has imbibed Athenian philosophy has fallen into decay, decadence, and depravity. Today all of the West has been brainwashed by Athenian philosophy— now they cannot win any of the economic and military battles. All that the West can do is rationalize, lie, brag, and pontificate. Important lesson for the non-Western civilizations: Do not accept Athenian philosophy.


Daniel [] said...

I don't know why you're painting with a brush far broader than the subject.

The features of Athenian thought that you are condemning are those that the Westerners in your audience would themselves largely condemn. Hence we may see that they are not features preserved in the mainstream of Western thought.

But Athenian thought also offered such things as a focus on logic itself and more generally a concern to study the forms of reason, both sure and merely plausible.

Anoop Verma said...

@Daniel: Good points. I think we have a good discussion on my FB page where I have left some comments. I will leave a link here, just in case anyone wants to look at the discussion there: