Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Faith of the True Believers

There is no need to ask what wokism and critical race theory revolutions mean. Instead, ask who do these revolutions target for annihilation. In a leftist revolution, meanings are irrelevant. Only the intent to annihilate is relevant. The more meaningless the revolution, the more insanity it seems to conceal, the more potential it has to cause misery to the politically unworthy classes, the more effectively it inspires faith in leftism’s true believers. Wokism and critical race theory are intended to appear profound, original, and compassionate but they are meaningless, banal, and destructive. They are intended to be taken on faith. They are intended to annihilate the nonconformist folks who aspire to live in a civilized society. Do not look for the meaning, for you will never find it. Look for the faith of the true believers. Look for the victims of the true believers.

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