Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Age of Mussolini

Mussolini’s fascist doctrine has come of age and is fueling the political system of most advanced democracies. In the last three decades (since the 1990s) a contradiction had developed between the global regulatory framework and the economic and cultural aspirations of a significant section of the masses. Both could not coexist—either the regulatory framework had to be obliterated or this section of the masses had to be coerced to give up their aspirations and become content with less freedom, a lower standard of living, and a significant dilution of their cultural norms. 

There was no question of the global power establishment (intellectuals, politicians, and key businessmen) giving up their powers and privileges by allowing the global regulatory framework to be obliterated. They feared that the old way of free and fair elections, good law and order, freedom for the people, and a high standard of living could fuel a populist revolt and bring a new political force to power. So they adopted the strategy of coercing the masses by taking control of the elections, distorting law and order, corrupting culture, and diluting the civil liberties that people have traditionally enjoyed. 

They recruited the minorities to act as the stormtroopers for creating a socially coercive infrastructure for fascism, and they used the newspeak of woke sensibilities to create the intellectual and bureaucratic infrastructure for fascism. This is the age of Mussolini.

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