Tuesday, May 4, 2021

If Everything is Ideology, Everything is Politics

The post-1950 generations in the Western countries experienced an abundance of freedom, prosperity, technological comforts, social stability, and opportunities for growth. Yet these generations were convinced by the leftist intellectuals that capitalism is an unfair system which is supported by those who possess only the semblance of a human existence, that Western culture is inherently evil and against minorities, and that the Western moral and political norms are antithetical to personal liberty and social progress. 

How did the left manage to convince the most “pampered” generations of the West that it is not possible to exist as a free and fair human in their society? In the 1950s, the left made the decisive intellectual move of declaring that the traditional language is anti-truth because it hides the wickedness of capitalist society and it must be discarded. They posited that everything is ideology: physics is the ideology of matter; biology is the ideology of living things; mathematics is the ideology of numbers; art is the ideology of ugliness and ennui masquerading as beauty and euphoria; culture is the ideology of the decadent bourgeoise who dreams of feasting on the blood of the poor; economics is the ideology of oppression. 

If everything is ideology, then everything is a political battlefield. By this intellectual move, the left took its political fight to the spheres of physics, biology, mathematics, art, culture, and economics, and attained the power to create confusion and corruption everywhere. They managed to destroy the capitalist and democratic model towards the end of the twentieth century, and in the twenty-first century, they are in control of all Western countries.

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