Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Holy Land: The Fountainhead of Civilization

The idea of a Holy Land is the fountainhead of civilization. The origin of every civilization can be traced to some parcel of land which the founders of that civilization revered as the Holy Land which is worth dying for. When people identify with a Holy Land, they develop a culture and a civilization. There has never been a civilization in which a majority of the people do not identify with a Holy Land. Even the communist nations, which believe in the myth of atheism, have their own Holy Land, where they gather to perform their communist rituals. In Russia (since the time of the Soviet Union), China, and other communist states, the area where the bodies of the communist elite are buried or preserved for display in an embalmed state (like Lenin’s and Mao’s body) are seen as holy shrines. The desire to believe in a Holy Land is the most basic of all desires.

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