Friday, May 7, 2021

From the Cave Man to the Cosmic Man

From the cave man of the Stone Age to the wielders of electronic information and atomic power in the Industrial-Digital Age—mankind has come a long way. The future is uncharted territory. Mankind might one day reach the stage of the human phenomena: “the cosmic man.” But in a dystopian future, history will become the road to perdition, forcing mankind to travel backwards till the Stone Age cave from where its journey began is reached.

The politically inclined atheists are utopian people—when they acquire power, they create a dystopia. They are nihilistic, brutal, sadistic, and angry (example: communism, socialism, nazism, fascism, liberalism). At some stage of history, the atheists, in their quest for an utterly materialistic utopia, might manage to reverse all the industrial and intellectual progress and drive mankind back to the Stone Age cave. 

What passes as the religious forces (those religious forces which are inspired by good theological philosophy) are ideologically close to the realist, romanticist, pragmatic, and humane way of thinking that was developed between the thirteenth and the nineteenth centuries. The progress that mankind has seen in the last three hundred years has happened in the nations where politics is constrained by movements inspired by a religion founded on good theology. 

The “cosmic man” will be a wise “theistic man.” Atheism is dangerous. Cato, the politician of Ancient Rome, if he had been living in the modern age, might have said: Atheism delenda est.

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