Monday, March 8, 2021

The New Logic: Normality is Abnormal

A civilization cannot be transformed unless the masses are made to desire their own repression. One way of achieving this end is by erasing the difference between repression and liberty by using the universities, the mainstream media, the movie industry, and the publishing houses to seed society with the new logic: “The desire for repression is a sign of individualism”; “The passion for being led is moral”; “Normality is abnormal”; “Knowledge is an attempt to exercise brute power by other means”; “Love of one’s culture is a sign of schizophrenia”; “Man’s sickness is man’s individuality and his desire to be left alone”; “Classics are evil since they allow people to connect with an earlier socio-historical context”; “Capitalism does not create prosperity—it creates fascism and fosters the myth of keeping everyone busy”. These are not absurd statements—these are the widely accepted logical tenets of contemporary high culture. It is clear that the utopia project of the early decades of the twentieth century has been resumed in the twenty-first century. But this time the bumbling gun-wielding bolsheviks, the militants of theory, are not in charge—the utopia project is being spearheaded by the wealthy and smart comrades of the media, entertainment, academic, and digital industries, and its management is bureaucratic, globalized, and abstract.


WDonway said...

I wonder if the goal is any utopia--the perfect human society. That impulse remains, of course, in left-liberalism, socialism. But it no longer is the Avante Garde. We are no longer focused on the debate about a perfect human society, an earthly paradise for man No, the powerful thrust today is the battle between what legendary physicist Freeman Dyson, in an interview with a Yale magazine, called "humanist" versus the naturalist. In this debate--now seen everywhere as the crusade against climate change, species extinction--sides are the human species (selfish, centered on themselves) against the claims of the natural world--all that is non-human. Man, by this metaphysic is the freak of the Universe. Only man of all species survives by using reason, philosophy, science, and industry to make nature meets the needs of his survival. And, of course, this has been astoundingly successful, spreading human beings across the earth, multiplying everywhere, the great species. The great victim is the natural world, the "environment," which cannot fight back, cannot assert and defend the rights of "nature," the "environment." Yes, for public consumption the environmentalists pretend to be conservationists, focused on making the natural world serve the long-term needs os man. But when the radical environmentalist speaks--and they drive the movement==itis about how the greatest blessing, now, would be a disease that wiped out humankind. No offense, of course, but it would save "nature." I read and read about "environmentalism," for I grew up on farm in love with the woods and fields and brooks, and all animals. But that, of course, was from the entirely human perspective. The environmentalists reject that perspective as metaphysically egotistic. All of evolution has been natural--virtuous--until the human species. They pronounce humans freaks of the universe.

Anoop Verma said...

@WDonway,: You have made good points. I think the idea of a utopia is related to scientism. The modern philosophiers and politicians thought that they could use philosophy to create a perfect society just as science is being used to create perfect knowledge and all kinds of devices and gadgets. The rise of digital technologies has given hope that the new utopia project will be a success.