Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Good: The Eternal Battleground

What is the good? It might be possible to have an agreement, to a large extent (though not universal), on what makes a mobile phone a good mobile phone, a car a good car, and a rose a good rose, but when we talk about the moral good, the political good, and the aesthetic good, then people have sharp, and at times acrimonious, disagreements. Socrates and Plato in the Platonic Dialogues, Aristotle in Nichomachean Ethics, Aquinas in Commentary on the Ethics, and a number of other philosophers have posited that what is the good can never be conclusively ascertained and that mankind will always be faced with a multiplicity of perspectives, which are often irreconcilable, on the good. The idea of the good is an eternal battleground for intellectuals, artists, and politicians. The acrimonious discourse on the good will go on forever.

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