Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Why Does the Left Control Academia?

Why does the left control academia? The answer to this question lies in the eighteenth century (the so-called Age of Enlightenment), when the belief caught the European philosophers that a society can be turned into a utopia through right kind of ideology. These philosophers thought that once a society is cleansed of religious, cultural, and monarchist beliefs, and is ruled by an enlightened government, people will get coerced into accepting the Enlightenment ideologies, which are imbued with the elements of materialism, atheism, anarchism, and classical liberalism, and then there will be the rise of a new utopia. They preached that the universities should be freed from the control of the monarchists and the churches and turned into the preachers of the Enlightenment ideologies. Being an offshoot of the Enlightenment era movements, the modern left understands the importance of controlling the universities—in every country that the left has targeted in the last hundred years, it has first taken control of the universities and only subsequently it has made the move to acquire political power. The conservatives are a product of eighteenth century romanticist movements which rejected the idea of ideology based society—they are not motivated to control the universities because they have no ideology that they can teach to the students. “Soul craft” is not the conservative way—their focus is on maintaining peace and stability by conserving the traditional institutions and having populists in the government.

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