Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Legend of a Civilization

A civilization can be viewed as a legend that is historically extended over several centuries and sometimes millennia and narrates the saga of millions or billions of people from the past and present. When the civilization is full of energy and is on the rise, its legend will flow like a thriller and an epic love story; when it has lost its vitality and is declining and falling, its legend will flow like a tragedy and a horror story. The norms of culture, which include the moral, political, religious, and artistic ideas, are embedded in the legend as the myriad subplots. People get their sense of values, and of being good, from the context defined by that part of the legend of the civilization in which they happen to be living their life. If the mind of majority of the people is full of thrill and love, then the civilization is healthy, and if their mind is mired in tragedy and fear of horrible calamities, then the civilization is dying or dead.

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