Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Failure of Classical Liberalism and Libertarianism, Part III

The libertarian idea of achieving liberty and free markets in a stateless society is destined to remain unfulfilled. This is because liberty and free markets are political concepts which can be defined only in context of the political system of a society. When taken outside the political context, liberty and free markets transform into pseudo-concepts.The libertarian ideal is a stateless society, but if the society is stateless, then it is devoid of any political system, and where there is no political system, there can be no liberty and free markets. In context of a stateless society, liberty and free markets cannot even be defined, so there is no question of these ideals being achieved. The libertarians can either dream of a stateless society (an anarchist utopia), whatever that signifies, or they can dream of liberty and free markets—if they dream of both, there will be a contradiction in their dreams.

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