Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Endless Civilizational Conflicts

Wars fought over contemporaneous factors, relating to land disputes, economic disputes, or something else, can be brought to an end with one side winning and imposing its terms on the other side, or with both sides coming to a negotiated settlement. But the conflicts rooted in civilizational factors go on for centuries. There are several civilizational conflicts that have been going on for a thousand years—when the nations and groups which participate in these conflicts decline and go out of existence, their place is taken up by new nations and groups which emerge, and the conflict goes on. There are instances of nations breaking away from their own civilization, due to their own political and economic circumstances, and becoming neutral or even supporting the cause of the other side, but if the population of these nations is dominated by the people of a particular culture, then they simply cannot withstand the pressure of history and are forced to join the bandwagon of their own civilization. The civilizational conflicts do not see military engagement all the time; they go through long periods of peace, when the antagonism simmers under the surface, and the conflict is pursued through diplomatic, economic, and insurgency related channels. In the military engagements, one side might win a decisive victory, but if the losing side has a large and youthful population, it will continue to pursue the conflict. The advanced civilizations, with better technology, political system, and economy, tend to win most of the wars, but it is the barbaric civilizations, with large and barely educated youthful population, which win the civilizational conflict.

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