Saturday, January 30, 2021

On The Libertarian Utopia

There is no culture-free definition of liberty and man’s rights; a few cultures might need a degree of freedom to remain viable, but most cultures are fundamentally statist and immoral, and they see the slogans of liberty and man’s rights as a conspiracy against their way of life. Defining liberty and man’s rights, without taking into account the aspects of culture, is tantamount to dealing with a counterfeit of these concepts, and that is the problem that the libertarians face—they talk about liberty and man’s rights but they do not appreciate the culture and history of the places where these concepts have taken root in the last two hundred fifty years. They envisage the existence of liberty and man’s rights in a society that is free of all cultural restrictions, but a society without culture is not possible. The libertarian conception of a free society is a counterfeit of reality; their vision is a utopia, which can never be realized.

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