Friday, January 29, 2021

On Judging the Great Figures of History

A man can be morally judged only in context of his achievements. This is especially true of the illustrious names of history. When you judge the historical figures, you have to first understand what they have achieved under what odds—you could also try to imagine what would be the state of the world if those figures of history had not performed the deeds for which they became famous or infamous. No man can achieve great things without making compromises and, in some cases, performing deeds which might seem evil from the vantage point of the smug folks of the later generations. A man who has done no evil is probably a village idiot who has not achieved anything significant in his lifetime. If all the figures of history were village idiots, free of all blame, then we would all be living in a village mired in poverty and ignorance. Mankind owes a great debt to the people who, while being visionary, intelligent, and moral, did not fail to act in a cruel, ruthless, and shrewd manner when the occasion demanded it—such people are the real drivers of history and the fountainhead of all progress.

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