Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Great American Robbery

The Roman Civilization, when it fell in 476 CE, was not defeated in a military sense; it was stolen by a cabal of corrupt Roman politicians, intellectuals, and King Odoacer and his barbarian tribes. Now history is repeating itself—the USA has not been militarily defeated by any foreign power, but it’s being stolen by its leftist politicians who have joined hands with tech, media, and finance industry oligarchs and some foreign powers. This country will find it difficult to recover from the messy election that they are having. The great American robbery is on.


Aristotle said...

What happened to your prediction about Trump? You were 100% sure about his victory. Are you willing to accept your miscalculation on your Facebook page and blog? So far, we haven't seen that. We'd like to know how/where you went wrong.

Anoop Verma said...

@Aristotle: I didn't go wrong. Lot of foul play has happened in the counting process in some states which have a long history of such problems. If foul play had not been there, he would have won. I didn't have any personal interest in any candidate, but I predicted on the basis of the facts (data) that I could observe -- obviously, I could not observe, and hence predict, foul play on such a large scale.