Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Dualism of Samkhya and Yoga

The Samkhya and Yoga systems are distinctly dualistic since they preach that the creation of the universe is an outcome of the disturbance in the equilibrium from the coming together of Purusa (intelligence principle) and Prakriti (material principle). There is a multiplicity of Purusas, and, along with the material things in the universe, all life too is a result of the conjunction between certain kinds of Purusa and Prakriti. Purusa, in living entities, has been translated as the approximate equivalent of what is known as the “soul” in the western tradition, but it’s not exactly the soul because it also represents a complete conjunction between the body and the soul—along with being the eternal life-force, in case of man, it’s his ego, his intelligence, and his consciousness.

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