Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The MAGA Dream: Lost in Lockdown

The conservative MAGA agenda assumes a mythologized and aestheticized view of their nation; instead of a coherent plan and shrewd political strategy, the MAGA agenda is fuelled by optimism, emotionalism, and nativism—but now MAGA is lost in an endless lockdown, and the ravenous leftist beast is on a rampage and unlikely to show any mercy. While the conservatives marched to the drumbeats of MAGA, they naively allowed the lockdown to happen under their watch and brought their nation to an anti-MAGA terminus. The genesis of the lockdown problem is the ban on flights from China that the conservatives imposed in February 2020—but you can’t ban flights from China and expect the extremely powerful pro-China elements in America to sit idle. In the last forty years, America has accepted massive financial, intellectual, and political investments form China—it’s difficult to imagine American films, mainstream media, industry, academia, and even politics without considering the “Made in China” elements. The pro-China elements in America retaliated by making a medical case for locking down all the economically critical regions. Now the lockdown has lasted for more than forty days and caused a massive economic decline; the America economy might take more than ten years to recover; chances are that it might never recover.

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