Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How They Deal With Their Enemies: Liberals and Conservatives

An enmity with the liberals is dangerous in the short-term; an enmity with the conservatives is dangerous in the longterm. 

The liberals are a close-knit community, led by elites who have a revolutionary mindset. They view every attack as a direct assault on their elitist leadership and when they identify an enemy, they immediately go into the attack mode. They use the power of the government, mainstream media, community groups, public intellectuals, big businesses, and any other tool or institution which they control, to deliver a decisive punishment on their enemy.

The conservative thinking is historical. In the short-term, they are incapable of formulating a strategy for dealing with their enemies. A series of attacks over a period of several years, or decades, is necessary to awaken the conservatives from their dogmatic slumber, but once the conservative beast is awake and has taken note of the enemy, he will not back down till he has totally destroyed the enemy.

For several decades, the mainstream media and the digital industry have been attacking the conservatives and the conservatives rarely retaliated, but now the conservatives are fighting back. I am convinced that the mainstream media and the digital industry are doomed. In the next few years, the conservatives are going to rip these two industries apart from root to branch, and this means that the way in which we access the Internet and news is all set to undergo a drastic overhaul.

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