Tuesday, April 7, 2020

From Communism to Flu Virus

The 20th century was dominated by communism, a western doctrine, that some dumb Asian nations accepted as a quick gateway to modernity, but, instead of building a modern utopia, they ended up devastating the lives of several generations of their people—the 21st century, it seems, will be dominated by “global warming (climate change) and pandemics,” which too are western doctrines, that some dumb Asians nations are imposing on their hapless population; to fight climate change, they have, in the last twenty years, squandered hundreds of billions of dollars on building windmills, solar energy farms, and other “green” projects, which produce nothing; and now this irrational fear of the flu virus, because of the economic and political mayhem that it’s causing, will further worsen the already atrocious condition of the poor.

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