Tuesday, March 24, 2020

On The Intelligent Design Theory

Darwin’s theory of natural selection assumes the existence of organisms with the capacity to reproduce; it does not explain how the first batch of self-replicating organisms arrived on this planet. Reproduction depends on the ability to self-replicate the information-rich proteins and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA); therefore, the origin of DNA and RNA is precisely what the Darwinians must explain, but they can’t. I am reading Stephen C. Meyer’s book, Darwin’s Doubt, which tries to refute the Darwinian theory and rekindle the intelligent design movement. The crux of Meyer’s argument is that the Darwinians fail to explain two vital issues: the Cambrian explosion and the existence of the information-rich molecules (DNA and RNA)—both these issues, he asserts, can be better explained through models based on intelligent design.

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