Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Immanuel Kant And Ayn Rand

Immanuel Kant succeeds in making an impression on all those who read and understand his works. But the problem is that the number of people who read Kant is limited; and the number of those who understand his philosophy is even more limited. Only those can be convinced by Kantian philosophy who are willing to make the effort to study his works. The animus that Ayn Rand’s devotees have for Kant makes no sense. Rand never read Kant and she has not written a single complete essay on him or made a comment on his philosophy that can be taken seriously by a real scholar. She writes for the young folks, people with lot of passion, but little knowledge and practical experience; whereas, Kant's audience consists of people with knowledge, wisdom, and experience. The irony is that Rand's devotees call themselves objectivists (which means having an objective view of the world), yet they loathe Kant without any inkling of what he stood for.

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