Wednesday, September 4, 2019

On Intellectual Freedom

Intellectual freedom can exist without political freedom. Inside his mind, a man enjoys total freedom—even if he is living in a dictatorship, no censor is powerful enough to stop him from thinking about all kinds of issues, and putting his ideas on paper when he is not being watched, or sharing his thoughts with people that he can trust. In the last 3000 years, the totalitarian regimes have been successful in bringing activity in the areas of industry, technological research, art, and religious practice to an end, but they could not stop the intellectuals from thinking and sharing their ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Very true. Though from my readings few intellectuals have dared to speak up. And when that silent, free in mind, majority does speak up, they tend to side with the regimes in power. The fate of the few is not something they aspire to. In recent times I've noted the courage of some Muslim intellectuals who have dared to speak their minds. And there are those from various alternative media sites, who risk ridicule and careers. To be intellectually free is a given, few though chose to exercise it. It's what you do with it that defines what kind of intellectual you are. Abstract or concrete.