Thursday, September 19, 2019

My Thoughts On The Enlightenment

By severing philosophy from its roots in ancient and medieval thought, the Enlightenment has turned modern philosophy and politics into “rootless wonders” which can never keep pace with modern science and technology. I see the Enlightenment project as a predawn coup against all traditional thought—moral, political, and religious.

The Enlightenment coup was successful because of two reasons: first, it was so quick in morphing into revolutionary movements that the establishment of that period had no time to mobilize itself for squelching the uprising; second, having tasted the fruits of the scientific revolution, the people in the 18th century had become convinced that all political movements committed to reason and science are certain to lead to an improvement in the human condition.

The Enlightenment philosophes were lightweight intellectuals, but by elucidating at the right time their doctrine of destroying the traditional establishment to create space for a rational and scientific society, they became the fountainhead for revolutionary movements which changed the course of history.


The Enlightenment Was A Wrong Turn

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