Monday, August 5, 2019

Schoolboys Have Taken Over the Modern Civilization

Modern civilization is the work of great masters of philosophy, politics, art, and science; of the great warriors and statesmen; of visionary discoverers and businessmen; of millions of people who do their work honestly and diligently. But the entire edifice has been inherited by schoolboys who have turned their nation into an asylum for the alienated, ignorant, hateful, cowardly, and foolish.

These schoolboys are contemptuous of the values which inspired their ancestors; they read history with the sole objective of finding reasons for which they can hate their nation’s past; they want to radically transform everything because they feel alienated from everything; they are filled with admiration for their nation’s ideological enemies, whose worst statist and tribalistic ideas, they eagerly accept.

Yet the irony is that the schoolboys fervently believe that they are entitled to an easy and prosperous life simply because of who they are.

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