Saturday, August 10, 2019

On the Irrationality of “Total Freedom” and “Total Justice”

The libertarians demand “total freedom” and the social justice warriors demand “total justice”. Their demands are based on their flawed view of freedom and justice.

There is nothing called “total freedom” because human beings can have a good life only within the framework of a free society, which must have some form of authority to maintain law and order. The libertarians think that a free society should be free from all forms of authority. They don’t accept that without any authority a society will sink into chaos and anarchy, and that freedom can only exist in a society where there is rule of law.

If you remove all forms of authority and restrictions, then you make freedom an “evil” thing which breeds insecurity, crime, and corruption. One of the reasons why libertarianism does not have any mass appeal is because most people despise the libertarian idea of freedom—they fear that it is a recipe for lawlessness and will lead to a destruction of their way of life.

For the social justice warriors, “total justice” means total equality—they proclaim that everyone must have the same income and opportunities. But their attempts to create an “equal” society has led to multiplication of grievances and a rise in discord between communities. The war on poverty has created more poverty; the war on racial inequality has led to rise in racial tensions.

Since they became active in the 1960s, the libertarians have caused irreparable damage to the idea of “freedom” by propagating their illogical conception of what is “freedom” and how it can be achieved. The campaign for social justice warriors took off during the 1960s and it too has caused grave damage to the idea of justice. I see the libertarians and the social justice warriors not as friends of free society but its wreckers.

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