Monday, August 12, 2019

On Capitalist Nationalism and Communist Globalism

In capitalist nations there are several movements dedicated to promoting nationalism but they fail to save their culture from being globalized. The communist nations take extreme steps to crush nationalism and promote internationalism but they end up making their nation a hotbed of nationalist sentiments which one day takes centerstage and rips the communist regime apart.

The strongest nationalist movements in Europe can be found in the nations that were once a part of the former Soviet Union: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Estonia, Bulgaria, and others. The free nations of Europe are mostly globalized; they shun nationalism and have contempt for their own culture: France, England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and others.

The paradox is that capitalism leads to globalism and communism leads to nationalism. This is because people understand the importance of something only after it has been denied to them. By trying to crush nationalism, the communists inspire a longing for it. The importance of nationalism is best understood by those who have the experience of living under communism.

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