Tuesday, August 27, 2019

From the Age of Utopia to Anti-Utopianism

The 20th century was the age of utopia in which several nations saw the rise of political movements inspired by the 18th century Enlightenment dream of a perfect society based on reason and science. These political movements tried to transform their nation into a utopia by imposing a new culture and destroying all those who were seen as class and racial enemies. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, people lost their innocence— they realized that a utopia is an inefficient bureaucratic society in which everything is regulated and state terror is all-pervasive. In the 21st century mankind has entered a phase of anti-utopianism—now no one dares to talk about establishing a utopia.


Anonymous said...

Agree with the analysis, not with the conclusion. We've got those who believe Islam will provide the answers and create the perfect society, God would be proud of. So many Middle Eastern countries, primarily Saudi Arabia,Iran, with their interpretion of Islam have attempted to create a utopia conducive to God's will. As absurd as the saying, 'God's will' sounds, it's a core feature of their utopia plans with religious scholars and theologians privy to that will. We've got a social credit system designed in China and in a less overt form, in the West as well- the pressure of being politically correct and woke which tramples on basic universal values for the sake of relativism and sovereignty rights. We can't all be right, as has been proven with endless abuses toward women, political dissenters,brutal civil wars amongst various countries, with death tolls rising. As a whole we still value the abstract over the concrete and the UN proves it.And the abstract is the foundation for utopia. Not to stop genocides then discuss, but discuss first while thousands die in the meantime for the utopian concept of ethnic cleansing to ensure prosperity and safety or even adherance to God's will again. Subtle and explicit propaganda whether religious political racial etc is ongoing to create utopias which will guarantee happiness and long life under suffocating anxiety

Anoop Verma said...

@ Hermione. You are right. The dangers that you have recounted are real. But I think that the world is now aware of these dangers and appropriate actions are being taken to counter the Mid Eastern threat. So this problem may not become as acute as the problems in the 20th century.